Ladies and gentlemen, here is, I am honored to be here to share the news and notes on NBA Live 2019 free agent. The agency has started on last Sunday at 6 p.m. ET with nothing new. NBA players have chosen their own team here, while the fans are most concerned about which team the two most recent NBA Finals MVPs, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard would sigh up with.

In fact, we had already known some matching cases through the NBA Live 19 community before the agency, such as Anthony Davis is on the Lakers as well as Lonzo Ball did go to the Pelicans. Even some unexpected cooperation came from Kemba Walker, who used to play for Charlotte for a long time, has always appeared as a leading figure, but this time he left accidentally instead of Boston Celtics. Someone guessed that it might because Kemba Walker has never gotten the rewards which should belong to him. This handsome black man has had excellent results in his career, with an average of 19.8 points, 5.5 assists and 3.8 rebounds. Well, we are still very much looking forward to Walker will get along well with the new partners.

The focus is not just on a few of them, while then we look at another star player, Ricky Rubio, who is an experienced defender playing for multiple teams including Minnesota and Utah Jazz. But this time he joined Indiana pacers, look at that he was running on the court wearing a new jersey of Indiana pacers, which seems a pretty good choice.

At present, the attribution of these NBA players is almost over, in the coming time they are going to improve and determine their own contracts. There are still some players worthy of attention who will find their team during the time, look forward to them bringing us a wonderful game as soon as possible in the respective teams.

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