Today is June 4, the day of the Elder Scrolls online: Elsweyr arrives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and we have gotten it by now as appointed. As a huge role-playing open game, the Elder Scrolls Online has received over 11 million players in the stunning online RPG and getting more and more along with the expansion of Elsweyr.

According to the past news, we have known two new elements are running through the whole storyline, Necromancer class and Dragon. When exploring the savannahs and canyons of Elsweyr, they will play an important part in helping the Khajiit people and their defenders save Elsweyr from near certain doom under the threatens brought by the fire-breathing dragons. Now you are allowed to download and add into your Elder Scrolls Online.

You can buy the Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Upgrade-Pre-purchase, and you will get a new map, new quests, new equipment along with the new class and dragon.

As Necromancer, you are able to summon the fallen undead and use the corpses to overwhelm their enemies, which means that not only can you live forever, but also raising the dead. It's imaginable and much different from other classes.

You can obtain the full option with costing €49.99 for Elsweyr, which can bring the base Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited, along with the Morrowind Upgrade, the Summerset Upgrade, the inclusion of Elsweyr itself, some new Elseweyr Digital Content- Noble Clan Chief Costume, Blue Dragon Imp Pet, Treasure Maps, Baandari Pedlar Crate, Experience Scrolls and the Elsweyr Rahd. In addition to ordinary version, you can enjoy the Collector's Edition with €69.99 including extra contents for Digital Collector.

During your new journey, there is no doubt that you can be less stress and more entertainment with enough Elder Scroll Online Gold. They can be used for buying weapon, armor and majority of in-game items, as well as paying for travel, buying one's way out of trouble even purchasing secrets or information.

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