It was yesterday that the yearly QuakeCon came to an end, it announced a huge amount of improvements and new content about Bethesda-published game Elder Scrolls Online.

At the beginning of the performance, it can be noticed through two videos of the Elder Scrolls Online to release the new DLC Scalebreaker, and Update 23, which will launch in the next coming weeks.

Bethesda introduced two brand new dungeons, Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok full of challenges and quests, the players who complete the challenges can get some rewards. Meanwhile, another one further DLC also was announced with Dragonhold to tie up the Season of the Dragon. In a word, it is not a bad chance to save more Crown Packs.

Additionally, Update 23 was also mentioned as a major issue for this performance, there will be a bunch of quality of life improvements including multi-crafting and multi-bidding for Guild Traders, as well as a change to how to use Undaunted Keys, here is a list about those changes.

In Update 23, you are allowed to craft, deconstruct and refine at the same time, what you need to do is indicating how many times you wish to perform the crafting action and how long it constantly does it. Which means that you can save several times than before to craft the items you want.

Every week, you can get a total of 10 different Guild Trader locations to get the highest bid, even if you miss the first preference, the second, third, fourth and more are all available until you win a bid on a Guild Trader. With the Multi-Bidding, you must be able to get a satisfied Guild Trader you like most.

How to use Undaunted Keys
It has provided more ways to obtain the Undaunted Keys and manage them, which are listed as currency, and now you can find them in the Currency section of your inventory. After doing that, you can receive the Undaunted coffers from the different Undaunted quests NPCs easily instead of using the chest in the middle of each camp.

Additionally, you can find the shoulder style you want by the available Undaunted Keys provided by the Undaunted NPCs.

Incidentally, the version of Scalebreaker for PC and Mac will launch on August 12, and another one for Xbox One and PS4 will be postponed until August 27.

Now, we have kept eyes on the Elder Scrolls Online Scalebreaker and Update 23 for further information and updates on

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