Star Wars: The Old Republic(SWTOR) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe developed by BioWare Austin, and we got some news last Friday, the latest version of SWTOR will launch this week, while the specific time has not yet been decided. BioWare also explained this and pointed out some new content that will appear in Update 6.0, including the changes of Outlander Tokens.

In the past few weeks, BioWare has continuously updated the detailed plan for Update 6.0, which we have listed on and made all of the information to the public.

The community manager of BioWare Musco has announced the studio's plans regarding the launch of PTS and the various stages they aim to launch before and after the server goes up with the first Spoils of War changes.

The initial version of PTS is planed to push up this week including tacticals, set bonuses and other more abilities.

Onslaught is the newest 2019 expansion to SWTOR, which is going to be free for all subscribers, with the rising level cap to 75. But this also brings a series of problems, Musco is trying to clarify the issues. Here are what will happen to the Outlander Tokens and the Master’s Datacron.

Outlander Token, which can be used to create a brand new character to either be level 60 at the start of KOTFE, or level 65 at the start of KOTET. In Onslaught, the functionality of the token will partially change. Now you can create a new character at level 60 at the start of KOTFE, or at level 70 at the start of Ossus.

While Master Datacron seems to have no obvious changes at the launch of Onslaught, at some point in the future, it might be added a level 75 version of the Datacron but nothing is planned near the launch of the expansion.

We are all looking forward to the next update and will keep updating the newest news.

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