There was a schedule released by SMITE about the update showed the date and Patch Notes Show which are related to Neo Olympia Battle Pass and battle for Olympus #3 on 16 May.

What's date of “Neo Olympia”?

On May 29, the next update of SMITE is happening carrying all the skins, bug fixes and balance changes, which means that something would be a new start and expected by most of players.

From the Trailer we can see that about 13 skins even a bit more are featured including Cove QUeen Nu Wa, Seriph Horus and others for Awilix, Wulcan, Da Ji, and Cerberus, so are you ready for the future?

Here are changes during game modes

There is no more any ledge for the fountain replaced by flushing with the ground in the game mode of Assault, just walking is available with it, the Orbs spawn on the map are decreased from 6 to 4, which spawn again every 60s, if destroyed or not. Don't worry about hurt, Baron Samedi will occur as a healer in this mode.

About AEWNA, a dose of nostalgia and mythology are added to the map, which bring stronger power to attack through Minotaurs to help you increase the Health and Physical.

More adjustments of other modes like enhancing Fire Giant in CONQUEST, duplicate gods chosen in JUNGLE PRACTICE and more updates are going to release in June by SMITE to fix bugs, at the first week Extraterrestrial Chest, the second Rightful Heir Chest- Battle for Olympus, and the third Independence Chest, Well, let's wait and see.

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