Rocket League is going to hold an event on June 10 with the start of a new update named Radical Summer by Psyonix, which will last for nine weeks divided into three parts, three-week chunks for each part. At that time, as a Rocket League fan, you can take a trip back to the glory days in the '80s and enjoy the three separate celebrations including iconic movies, television and culture from the era with new items, time-limited game modes and pop cars.

During summer holiday, some of the most memorable vehicles in 1980s will be brought to arena, which reminding us of the most excessive decade of America, just like the movie, television or game modes.

From June 10 to July 1, you can enjoy the first ‘80s Blockbusters featured the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack, with the Ecto-1 Battle-Car, Ecto-1 Wheels, Proton Pack Boost, Slimer Topper, a Ghostbusters player banner and avatar, and the Stay Puft Goal Explosion. There will be a 3v3 contest with special and first limited-time game mode.

When the films finished, it's time to turn to culture from July 1 to July 22. The phase is similar with Blockbusters, which has their own limited-time modes. Rocket League will push a new mode Spike Rush in order to give all players the Spike power-up from Rumble and the new items which highlighting the iconic culture of 1980s like leg warmers, the Walkman and ridiculous haircuts.

The last one is '80s television, from July 22 to August 12, you can earn items from the Knight Rider, DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender, and WWE franchises accompanied by the limited-time Beach Ball mode in the same way along with a 2v2 game where players can use a larger ball with low ball gravity and a Curveball mutator to make things more unpredictable.

You might have imagined a lot memory about 1980s with absence of a segment built in Radical Summer, don't be regretful for this, we are going to see more fantastic era in Rocket League.

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