As a part of an elaborate jigsaw puzzle of sores in the ninth season of Fortinte, we have found a lot from the 100 Fortbytes to unlock an image of Bunker Jonesy. Yesterday we discovered the foundation of Fortbyte 78, which can be seen with a ranger tower overlooking a drained lake.

Where can you find Fortbyte 78?
Our guide could help you find the drained lake and the ranger's tower near the Loot Lake, which is just north-west of the centre. When you discover it, just go ahead to the tower and go upstairs to come in, next you are able to see the Fortbyte you are searching for, which may be on top of a picnic table, simply interact with it once you find it without doing anything. The steps would be much easier than majority of Fortbytes we have collected before but not the most.

Because the lake in front of Fortbyte 78 is not entirely drained, pay attention to walking in case dropping into the desert.

We will keep eyes on Fortbytes guide every week to help you work better on your Season 8 battlepass.

When we are in the week 6, of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9, we can see a new Fortbyte released every day changed weekly update in the past by Epic Games.

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