Epic Games tout a long line of amazing collaborations throughout their battle royale’s history, including an LTM revolving around Marvel properties, in-game integrations with Disney Movies, and now, a party with popular EDM artist 'Marshmello.'

In a Tweet, Fortnite announced that it worked with the DJ’s team to ensure that streamers and content creators could participate without accruing a copyright strike - as long as monetization for the content is switched off.

Playing popular music from a big label is typically grounds for some form of punishment if included in content without permission.

“We've worked with Marshmello's team to ensure you won't receive copyright strikes for posting the event,” the Fortnite team said. “This means you will not be able to monetize your video content, but you will be able to keep your content posted on your channel.”

The news is sure to come as a delight to many broadcasters who were on the fence about participating due to stringent rules around copyright.

Marshmello has been a big fixture in the Fortnite scene for quite some time, participating in tournaments and making appearances at many events.

Fortnite players and content creators alike can expect to drop in and participate in the special Marshmello concert event on February 2.

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