Bethesda recently announced a special event called Orsinium Celebration in the Elder Scrolls Online is launching on August 8 and last for August 19, which is a good chance to earn bonus rewards and buy Orsinium DLC with a 60% discount during the period, so do you get ready for it? It is coming tomorrow.

To celebrate the release of Orsinium DLC, Bethesda added more new content including the single-player Maelstrom Arena to earn unique weapon outfit styles, a Cave Bear mount, a Cave Bear Cub pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

Besides, there is a new area to add called Wrothgar, along with two public dungeons. In which Bethesda set Wrothgar's Bounty for players to earn special rewards, as long as completing the daily challenges here, the players can get double rewards, such as Transmute Crystal and Maelstrom Weapons, as well as some brand new rewards between Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Styles and Orsinium Furnishings.

Only you finish a racing through the Maelstrom Arena, you might be allowed to obtain a Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Styles page, which can exchange the double Maelstrom Weapon rewards and trade or sold after the event. However, the arena is divided into different modes, and you only complete it on Veteran difficulty, you are guaranteed to get a page.

As for Orsinium Furnishings, you can buy some of them from Impresario, or use two Event Tickets to get them, the ways to obtain the tickets are as follows:

By completing any Wrothgar Delve Daily(2 Event Tickets)
By completing any Worthgar World Boss Daily(2 Event Tickets)

Remember that one player can only get two Event Tickets by choosing one of the two ways every day.

Please put all your attention on the celebration event, it will last for 12 days from tomorrow, while it is the best chance for you to enter the realm of Wrothgar.

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