As one of the hot fantasy Sandbox MMORPGs, Albion Online has brought much entertainment for all of us since being released in 2017. In general, Albion Online has a unified currency like many other MMORPGs, which is what we usually call Albion Online Silver. If you are a veteran player, you might have less difficulty in obtaining Albion Online Silver with lots of opportunities. However, you have certainly experienced many setbacks when in the novice period, so it is much necessary making a guide for beginners to gather up enough Albion Online Silver.

Albion Online Silver can buy everything in the marketplace, but it also requires players to work hard just like in real life.

Crafting by your own
If you are new without any experience or friends in game, the only way to get some Silver is collecting as many resources as you can and gather all of them up. After a while, you can sell all resources you collected to someone who really needs them and exchange for some Silver.

Obviously, it is a tedious task, that's because you must spend most of your time in collecting resources and taking up the time for leveling up without much experience.

To solve it, you are recommended to craft by using the resources in order to acquire enough experience. The items you crafted can sell with a not bad price to make money. Remember that there is no need to craft for Silver after having made progress in Albion Online, because you already have more and faster ways to make money.

Albion Online PvP is a system full of challenges and competition all the time, it is also a good opportunity to make Silver.

Players can compete with each other or join the teams for competing, which is obviously not suitable for newcomers, because adventure and death are always existing at the same time. If fortunate, the winner can get millions of Silver as rewards provided he is brave enough. For someone who is experienced, there are still a few words to say:

In PvP system, you need to know the terrain in advance and make the worst plan at any time, especially in ganking. It is available to obtain as much equipment as possible to compete, grabbing the property of other players, picking up the items dropping from boss and reaching the final victory are possible to give you a huge fortune.

Albion Online Silver is used to buy the items in game, what you bought from the stores can be sold to others with different price and earning the difference from the middle, which is allowed by game market. Because of the flexible price, you must make market research in advance in case the price would change at any time. To get the highest profit, you need to know the exact price of a specific product, for novice players, don't try it out, because it would take a long time to understand the entire market.

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