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About Rocket League Items

The best way to grow your Rocket League Item collection fast is to open crates with keys. Crates are often earned through in-game drops. Keys are commonly purchased by players to open crates and find out what kind of exciting items await inside. Collecting enough Rocket League crates and keys to grow your collection fast can be a long, painful grind which is why many gamers choose to buy them. Another reason to buy crates is that some crates are not available in-game anymore. Rocket League has seasonal or special event crates that are only available for a limited time. If you weren’t playing the game at the time, the crate was available then the only way to get the crate would be to purchase from GAMEFO. While crates are among the most popular items, they aren’t the only Rocket League items you can find in GAMEFO. If you’re looking for specific Rocket League items to buy, then you can choose the correspondent tabs on GAMEFO to suit your exact needs. Finally, no more waiting for that ultra-rare Black Market decal to drop… Just go ahead and buy it! Getting Rocket League Items delivered is easy. Add our delivery guys as a friend in-game, create a party with them, and invite them to trade. If you’re playing on PC, add them as a friend in Steam first. Players using consoles can directly create a party and invite us for trading. It’s that simple. In no time you will be back in the Rocket League arena showing off your latest loot! If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us through our 24x7 Customer Support or email. Happy trading!